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use a wrench or socket on the harmonic balancer bolts to rotate the engine over... the alternator trick didn't work on any 12v i've ever seen. ENGINE MUST BE @ TDC AND PINNED, line up the hole through the gear case under the IP with a flashlight and a mirror... you should be able to get it fairly close by taking off the 1st valve cover and watching the valves.... then get a partner to slowly rotate the engine while ur finger is in the hole feelin for the bump on the cam gear, then pop in the pin and leave it.... also while your spinning the motor over wth the harmonic balancer, you can loosen up the bolts. pop the peice of plastic that holds the wiring harness off with a screw driver or just cut it... ( it helps if you unplug/unhook everything after the fuel filter then pick up the wiring and drape it up and over out of the way towards the turbo side) Your afc must be unhooked, there is an oil line that must be unhooked it's in the middleish of the pump and down on the block side of it. pull out your OFV and leave that metal hardline there, same with the feed line from the fuel filter... just pull the banjo bolt then leave the line sitting... pull your injector lines and the air horn for ease of working. When i did mine i was changing out my rad and intercooler anyway, so i ripped the whole front end apart, removed the front gear cover and pulled the pump gear with a standard steeringwheel puller.... made it easy to find TDC as well because the crank and cam gears have dots that line up. (mine also had paint on it, so i'm thinkin sumone had a cam in it before i bought it and then swapped the stocker back in)

get like 3 extensions and have fun getting the 4 nuts off that hold the pump.

the pump ain't that bad really... i'd say maybe 20ish pounds... just kinda awkward cuz it's so long and it kinda hangs up on everything on the way out... ha..ha Right...more like 50 at least.. and ya you'll feel it in those lower back muscles!!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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