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Howdy All, Here comes a long post.

Removing my IP for replacement, I have the sticky plunger/warped barrel syndrome that seems to come up on 94/95's. I am following the procedures in the factory service manual. Got a few questions.

1. I haven't procured a barring tool yet, which I'm finding to be a drag. How should I resist the engine from turning over while trying to loosen the gear nut? Alternator bolt works fine to turn it over but not to resist the large force it takes to loosen that nut. Chain-style vice grip on the crankshaft pulley?

2. Should I fret about TDC? I am planning to just use the timing pin method, but have heard rumblings about inaccuracy in this method.

3. The fourth instruction in the manual says "disconnect the main engine wiring harness at top of injection pump and position to the side". I can't find anywhere to disconnect this harness, if I am correct that it is the wire cluster that runs right over the top of the pump and is very much in the way. Any thoughts?

4. Figure 21 in the manual on page 14-132 (1995 manual) shows a wastegate line coming from the rear of the afc. Mine has the vacuum line, but no wastegate line teeing out of it. Weird. I'm not too worried about it, but it is just strange.

5. Removed overflow valve, but not the entire return line. It seems like the other end of the line is hidden away in a powerful manner. I unbolted a line support bracket from the pump as well, will this be enough to sneak the pump out?

6. I disconnected the high pressure lines at the delivery valves, but it seems like the lines need to come off entirely to remove the pump. True?

7. I don't have a t-bar puller for separating the gear from the shaft. I was going to drill 2 holes in a small piece of channel stock to send the 8x1.25 bolts through. Anyone know the distance between the puller holes on the gear?

8. How heavy is this thing? Will I need a helper when time comes for it to be lifted out?

Sure would appreciate any help on these questions. Hope everyone is having a fine weekend. Nevermind that Super Bowl baloney--spend your weekend helping me!!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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