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Remote Fuel Filter and Water Separator

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Just thought I would share what I did to get me a better water separator with 2 micron filtration setup that is much easier to R&R filters and drain the water off of without getting fuel and nasty stuff all over the front axle... I will let the PIC's do the talking here, some are not so clear but maybe enough to get the idea and see how I did what here... Will be mounting up a much better fuel lift pump next but I got save up more $$$ for the darn expensive pumps...
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Very nice, I like what you did with the hardlines.

Where did you get the filter mounts?
very slick install! and definetly let us know where you got the mounts (or part numbers at least)
Yeah, nice clean job. Hardlines look great
Nice setup Jeb! The factory should have done that!
I'm guessing maybe these.... seem to be the least expensive out there.

Baldwin FB1311 Fuel Filter Base
Thanks guys,

Here is the part numbers and what kind of money I got in the setup here, at least on the bases, fittings and filters...

Baldwin Bases which a number of filters fit like the fleetguards that go on the remote setup many have seen online...

Baldwin Bases FB-1311 23.58each 47.16 for two
Baldwin water separator BF-1212 12.91
Baldwin 2micron Filter BF-7633 10.68
10MBX6MJIC 2.94each 5.88 for two
5/8MORB X 1/2MP 3.93
8FPS - 10MORB 4.75
-6 Flare Tube Nut .67each 1.34 for two
Ferrule Flared Tube .58each 1.16 for two
Bolts- Grade 8 hardware
3/8"X1" .52each 1.04 for two
3/8"X1-1/2" .57each 2.28 for four
3/8" flats .28each3.36 for twelve
3/8"locks .29each3.48 for twelve
3/8"nuts .37each .74 for two
Total 98.71 plus Tax

So I got this all in for about a 100 bucks and my last day off today... Going to help this system out with a better pump and feed tube size but later as I get more funds for that, I am hoping to get the Juice w/attitude ordered this week and get that in next. Worry with the new pump after the Juice...

For the question as what I do for a living, I am a hotshot delivery contractor and as of the first of the new year I am running about a 400 mile route give or take 50 miles. I run this route 4 days a week right now and I am delivering truck accessories to dealers on my route.

All the stuff we love to add on to our trucks like bumpers grille guards, running boards, programmers, intakes and on and on... You get the idea I am sure... Bad job for a guy like me that needs/wants so much just yet on my truck LOL... Find myself making a lot of my on stuff...
Just thought I would share what I did today and added on to the white beast I drive...

You guys get the chance for a good laugh and a look see, start your truck up for the first time after its cooled down. Roll under the truck on the drivers side and put a paw on the 3/8" fuel line that is the larger of the three, its the feed. Its nice and cold... Then grab the middle size which is a 5/16" return, you will notice it gets warm and quite fast to my surprize... The fuel components are cooled with the fuel through the return system and its being put to a good cause as this stuff gets warm way before the temp comes up on the thermostat...

This Cummins 6.7 is a beast of a motor guys JIMO and once I get all the epa stuff off this motor which is a very small emitter of exhaust in the over all sceem of things, I think its going to be a lot better. Just wish I could have got the damn EGR off so much sooner, as its the worst problem these 6.7's have by far... Its just amazing how much cleaner the oil stays with the EGR deleted... Hope you guys enjoy the PIC's of the fun project I did today...
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Dude your exactly right about the factory should have set this truck up like this... My thoughts exactly and why I did it also as its so much easier to R&R filters on the side of the road if you get a load of crappy fuel. You don't get the fuel all over the front axle that has dirt stick all in that until you wash the hound out of her... I really hope this system to rock guys. If not I will be changing things till it does LOL... I don't do things that just work so much as I like things to ROCK if you know what I mean???
Stupid questions!

Im pretty sure you leave the stock filter and housing in tact? Did you put the water separator inline first? And finally, where did you mount the filters? Did you have to drill some new holes, or were you able to use some existing ones?
Very nice setup. Great job.
Did you have to drill some new holes, or were you able to use some existing ones?
It appears that there is an exisiting bracket mounted to the frame with holes in it...


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Dude I used a bracket that is already mounted on the frame rail that has two holes in it. Its on the driverside frame rail in front of the fuel tank on mine about 2 foot or so... Its right by the skid plate for the transfer case on mine...

Yes the water separator is inline first, then the 2 micron filter and then all the fuel runs forward to the OEM filter on the side of the motor.

Your exactly right dude. Mine is just farther in front of the fuel tank than the PIC you posted...
That is a great set up man! I just ordered that Baldwin head. I got a Cat 1r0750 waiting to go in my truck!
Thanks Jeb and Slagburn!:beer To me that seems the best way to protect our fuel systems. I never understood why Cummins and or Dodge didnt put a dual filter system on these pickups from the factory. Mostly with the common rail fuel system that is so damn picky about the fuel a guy puts in it! My old 12 valve 97 would run on almost pure dirt and water!
Im gonna have to do this upgrade. Ive been filling up outta my slip tank with a filter on it, just to add more protection.
windering about the setup, since the filter is 2 micron could you get away with out using the stock filter head and bypass if you wanted to, like on a 24V? maybe a better question is what size micron is the stock filter?just curious

Your exactly right dude. Mine is just farther in front of the fuel tank than the PIC you posted...
I have a short bed.

Did you do anything with the lines or were yours long enough?
No, the lines was more than long enough and in fact I wound up cutting off about 8" once it was all said and done... I will change the feed all together once I get the funds for a serious fuel pump. I was going to just buy a small pump to kick the fuel on up front and help the in tank pump. Everyone basically talked me out of it once I did all the checking into this.

Yes, you could get by with taking the OEM filter all the way out I am sure of it. I probably will try to get that out of line when I get the better pump also, and just use these two filters since they are better all the way around. The factory filter is a 7 micron from what the manual states about it... I think this info is in the owners amnual as well...

Interesting thing I noticed about the feed line once I got it cut in half, there was a good 1-2" of slack you could slide the front portion and about a 1" on the small section from the tank. So it was nearly as hard to land the flare fitting up as I expected guys... I just wished I had a smaller tubing bender than what I got. I had a really tuff time getting the bender in place to make the bends as I wanted. So they didn't turn out quite as nice looking as I wanted, but the fuel still runs through it, so it will do for now... The factory lines and how they were sort of just mashed and stabbed in place didn't look any better if you ask me, as you can sort of see from one of the before I started PIC...
You know I am not so sure I even put those PIC's up, I will have a look see and if I forgot some as I think, I will hang up a few others showing the before I started...

You look close at these and you can see the bracket that is welded to the frame rail. You will see all the bent up lines also the factory just sort of mashed in place...LOL
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I talked to my Dodge Diesel Tech the other day about this. He felt that 90% of our problems on these engines are from bad fuel with a poor filter system. He did say that the 6.7 filter is a much better fuel filter than a 5.9. He took his 5.9 filter setup off to put a 6.7 filter setup on, as the 6.7 filters only cost him 7 dollars(employee discount) where we paid 35 dolllars. His only concern about the 2 micron filter was the back pressure on the lift pump. He did not know how much it applied to it. Though he said if it is not a problem you will be way ahead of the game putting that on.

I like your job on the tubing. When i was still working for the ROV company i had access to every thing, All Stainless Steel too. I have bent alot of tubing, I guess i need to go buy a couple benders now. I am jealous!!!!
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