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Yep i got one and have been running it for about a month. It came packed in factory packing and came with warranty and new egt probe, turbo timer and worth the savings. After i bought one two of my freinds got one too and they have had no problem. I think buying a rebuilt one is better than a used one.
A few years ago I was in charge of quaility control overseeing the production of a few electronic devices. The odd unit came back on warranty. I would go through the unit and determine the cause of failure. Usually it was just a blown fuse, but I would test all of the circutry anyway. These units would not go back to the public for sale, but our employees would get to purchase them for a discounted price. The units that I tested never had a problem after they were gone through. I considered the return units to be a more reliable product as they were tested, repaired and had gone through a more rigorous quality control process.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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