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so i have an 03 dodge cummins crew cab dually long bed with a tuner and some other bolt on's and its real fun to drive and then i thought wow this motor/trans set up would be super fun in a regular cab short bed so i picked up an 06 2500 has some porblems nothing to bad and got after it with a cut off wheel can't be scared. lol

not in to bad of shape

i started at the back of the frame had to remove 2"

then it was time for the big cut lol

i cut 22 1/2 out of the frame under the cab and had to cut out the cab mount/crossmember

then glue it all back together

then it was time for the bed i got one from a local junk yard man was i happy it was even the right color

time to put it on and line it up well i soon was not so happy i could not get it right i started thinking i did something wrong on the frame well after spending the day going over everything about a 1000 times frame is right what the hell? well come to find out the bed had been hit hard and the j/y had it fixed or so they thought it was 3/4 of an inch from one side to the other and twisted about 2" so now i'm looking for another bed lol anyway here it is with the junk bed sitting on it looks cool man this thing is going to be fun to drive :)

1 - 20 of 120 Posts
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