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Finally put the finishing touches on all the mods. I installed a dual gauge pilar pod with an EGT, Boost, and fuel pressure warning light. I installed a fuel pressure gauge as well but mounted it to the left of the lower dash near the brake controller and OBDII port. I installed a Holley blue pump. But I'm going to relocate it back down to the frame once I get the hose to do so. I'll likely install a draw straw too while I'm at it. And I'm thinking about drilling and tapping the fuel filter to install fittings and hose. That way to get rid of the banjo fittings except for the VP. (Possibly enlarge the holes to that bolt itself as well, if there's enough metal there)

17psi of fuel at idle. 15psi crusing. 11psi is the lowest I can pull it down with the XTZ+ turned up and loading things up.

I felt I needed to do a little more, so after work yesterday I went to summit racing and picked up a 4' section of 3" pipe, clamps, and a glasspack muffler. Sounds good for $50. I'm happy.

I think the next thing after the line upgrade will be the WVO setup. Then probably some RV275 sticks or stage 2 jammers. (I'd like 3's but I'm afraid they'd run hot towing)

If I didn't gain any power out of all this, it coulda fooled me. But the turbo seems to spin up faster. And I noticed the tires chip now from goosing the throttle. Top end seems much improved as well.

I liked the wife's comment best. "Now it sounds like you have a tractor trailer" with a disapproving look. :rof
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