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Rebuild Starter Or Buy New?

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Ok guys I need some advice, last night I got the starter click that seems so common for these trucks. I tapped it with a hammer and it started fine. I know I need a rebuild kit, but about a month ago my starter stuck on after the truck was running and kept running for about 30 seconds after I shut the key off. Is that the seloniod switch going bad? Would a rebuild kit or new starter solve both issues? Or is the seloniod swich a seperate unit?

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The solenoid contacts are the problem. The inbound side pits so badly that it wears away, causing a no start symptom, as well as a possible blown fuse in the PDC. I recently had this problem, and tried to get a set of contacts. I talked to an automotive electrical place, that claimed Nippondenso had a set of plated contacts (not the bare copper that comes stock) but they are "back ordered". It became obvious that the easy way to get my truck running was to buy a new starter, which cost $150. Contacts would be much cheaper, and there has been a site posted here (do a search on the blown starter solenoid fuse) that sells them for $35 or so.
Thanks, I just ordered a rebuild kit from Geno's.
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