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rear spring mounts

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hey, just bought a 89 12v non ic, w250. the rear spring mounts are shot. the driver side is completely gone. i was wondereding how hard it would be to take some C-channel and flat iron, and fab up my own replacements? i would have to bolt them on rather then weld to pass safety but thats not a problem to me. what do yah think, worth the effort or not? thanks
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Are you wanting to make them because you can't find any?

Dodge Ram D Series & Dodge Ram W Series Leaf Spring Hanger/Shackle Complete Assembly Suspension Kit

Just in case your interested.
that and i seem to channel alot of my late grandfather who lived through the depression. a buddy was telling me theres a scrapyard somewhere close that i could torch the hot rivets off and get old ones. also the one who told me have some made up which gets converted to make it yourself in my mind :D:coocoo
If you made them yourself they would last longer being made of heavier steel. If you wanted to either lift or lower the rear then you could drill your holes so that could be done.
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