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Rear differential covers

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Hey guys- I need to change out the rear diff oil and think this would be as good a time as any to make my next purchase - a new rear cover. Seems to be a pretty big spread in price and I was wondering if the Mag Hytec’s and ATS’s are worth the extra cashola. I could paint an as cast for a few bucks and the hundred bucks saved could go toward something else. Any thoughts on the other manufacturers?

Mag-Hytec $270 (avg)
ATS $260
Oasis (painted) $182
PML (as cast) $170
PATC (as cast) $180
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Ummm......wrong thread.
i love my mag hytech, you don't even need to take the cover off to change the oil plus they are higher volume and they even have a dipstick, i would go with the mag hytech front and rear hope this helps,
how much oil do the mag hytech covers hold?
I installed a PML a few years ago. Uses the stock rubber gasket and holds 5 qts.

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Thanks everyone. I've heard a lot of good things about the Mag Hytec's but basically nothing about the other brands. From the picture it looks like the oil in the PML can be changed out without removal too. Is that the case MikeyB? Also, how well does the factory gasket seal the whole thing?
That is correct. The fill plug is on the upper right hand side of the cover. Almost can see it in the pic but the spare tire is hiding it.

The factory seal works great. I do have a little weeping around the plugs so at the next service I'll use some teflon paste on the threads.

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