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Rear Diff Oil

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Hey I have an 07, just wanting to change the oil in my rear diff and need to know what kind of oil it takes, Im assuming 75W90 will work and I need to know how much oil it holds as well!

I looked all over in the book and didnt see this info, kinda stupid if ya ask me!
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75/90 Synthetic is correct for your truck. Some people use 75/140 for towing/hot climates. I use 75/110 (Amsoil) that is in between the other two.

The rear takes around 4qts and front 3qts.
I wouldn't run anything less than 75w-110...

My shop guy turned me onto the NAPA website which gives you fluid capacities of everything and maintenance recommendations:thumbsup
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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