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Rear Diff for Dana 70

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I've been looking around on the forums for info on LSD's and lockers as my truck is a 2000 ram with a open diff. I found info on the detriot lockers on here and the auto lockers. It seems like they lock under acceleration and unlock when you let off. Does this make cornering different or is it noticable when your accelerating through a corner?

I've also been looking for something more luck a clutch type LSD and I've had no luck so far :confused013: If anyone has any ideas for that it would be greatly apprecaited!
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They're all over the place ..... I think the place was east coast gears or rearend, something like that. The normal posi one is on their website. All I did was google Dana 70
Found the place ... they have all kinds of Dana stuff. Help give you some ideas, they do have a normal posi parts.
:thumbsup:Yup I was looking earlier to convert mine .... They seem to have all the goods for the Dana
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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