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Rear crank main seal/Trans adapter plate?

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I tried the drill hole/machine screw/slide hammer removal technique but this seal is stuck GOOD. Even moved up to #12 screws but they just tear out of the seal so I'm going to have to remove the Transmission Adapter Plate Assembly and the Bearing Plate and drive the seal out. Fortunately I purchased the bearing plate gasket before starting this job. My question is: Are there aligning dowels to locate the trans adapter plate so realignment isn't an issue. Based on the FSM I can only assume this is the case since it only states " re-install and torque to 44 ft lbs". Appreciate any feedback from someone who's been down this road before. Thx
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Yes adapter plate has dowels also be careful when removing the rear main plate so you don't tear the pan gasket
be sure to install the seal dry. There is also a tool to install the seal. Use the tool or it will leak.

I had a shop install. The thought they knew more than the non professional owner and got to do the job twice.
Place adaptor on a flat surface. Lay the seal on adaptor. Tap seal with hammer to get it started. Lay a flat board on top of seal. Drive seal in. Simple. No seal driver needed.

Thx everyone
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