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Rear axle "tow" rating not GAWR

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Do Chrysler engineers use a formula or a value or rating for determining the shear or tensile stress on our rear axle or 5th wheel hitch? I know that there isn't a practical way of users to determine what it is but...Everything that is talked about with specs is just load or vertical load? If I have a 17000# toy hauler fully loaded and have a 1400# plus sandrail behind the 3 axles then my pin weight might be within the 6000# GAWR of the truck (6000#- rear axle truck dry scale weight) because of the location of the sandrail load but what about the pull or tow weight of the load/toy hauler? Or do you assume that my 6000#GAWR vertical load of the truck is the weak factor. In other words, can the internals of the rear axle or be over worked with a horizontal load before you hit the GAWR of 6000#. My father in law fried a bearing in his rear axle pulling a heavy toy hauler recently. Yes, he was over loaded and never had it on the scales but I am curious why horizontal load is never discussed or is it worked into the vertical load specs? Or am I just missing something??
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do not worry about it. us heavy haulers have to register our trucks a different way. the 26,000 lbs cgw is a maximum for private trucks. and has nothing to do with strength. under business trucks you register it for the total cgw of the heaviest load. the truck in the pix is registered for 45,000 lbs it is set up at 425 hp and 850 ft lbs torque. some of our trucks have near or over 1,000,000 miles on them. no broken axles, transmissions or engine failures on any of them. the pix is a line truck i brought back from north Carolina a 3,200 mile round trip. i grossed 32,400 up and with the truck 39,600
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