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RE real important

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Hey thanks for help. guess I'm still in the dark. No sure answer or ideas yet but thanks for trying.Also , I'm reading that i should hear the lift pump run for about 25 seconds when i turn on key. I don't hear mine or maybe cause I'm a deaf old man! Where is lift pump on truck so I can get close and check it out maybe. Thanks again.
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the lift pumps in the tank u can bump the starter with the key and it will prime longer so u can have time to get over there to hear it
i think its on the motor on your truck. The in tank pumps are on the newer third gens
oh sorry didnt see what truck he had its just a tad late for me to be up
they do relocate the lift pump in the tank from off of the block if you had it replaced under warranty.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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