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Raptor 150?'s

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I have been through two pumps in 3 weeks, pressure drops ramdomly and the other leaked fuel. Now I just put the new on on and it drops to 10psi give or take when you start the truck, then it goes up to 18psi and works like a charm. Why does it drop pressure like that everytime the truck is started? It only happens once when started, other than that it holds psi good.
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i dont have that problem, theres a screen on the pump where the line from the tank comes it might be clogged, mine wouldnt hold pressure when i got it and purflow told me to pull the pressure regulator out and there was some stuff out of the bottom of my tank caught up in there that got past the screen, hope this helps
theres a few springs and parts involved, just take your time and watch how it came apart and you should be fine, leave the adjust nut tight and losen the big nut behind it
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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