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Raptor 150?'s

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I have been through two pumps in 3 weeks, pressure drops ramdomly and the other leaked fuel. Now I just put the new on on and it drops to 10psi give or take when you start the truck, then it goes up to 18psi and works like a charm. Why does it drop pressure like that everytime the truck is started? It only happens once when started, other than that it holds psi good.
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The truck primes and starts easily, it's after it is started and idled for like no more than a minute it drops psi to 10 or lower. Then the pump makes a noise and psi is back up to normal and fine from there on out.
how hard was it to pull the regulater out of the pump ctd24valve? Is there a bunch of crap to mess up or is it pretty simple.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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