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Ram will not start. Please chime in. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Hi everyone. I hate asking for help but I found this forum and it sure seems like a wealth of good info.
My 2018 Ram 3500 won’t start. It has been towed to the dealer 5 times now in total. Stranded myself and family numerous times. Dealer replaced starter/solenoid, push button switch (twice), starter relay(3 times, re-flash computer (3 times), new batteries, new computer and some other things I can’t remember. They still have not figured out what the issue is. Seems to happen more frequently when weather is cold or really hot.
Sit in truck, foot on brake, press start button. Everything seems normal (start cycle begins). Lights come on dash then immediately I hear a click in the dash and everything cuts out and shuts off. Doesn’t even attempt to start or turn over.
I found out now at least I can start the truck by pulling the starter relay and ‘jump’ it with a wire and the truck starts up/runs fine.
the 5th time it was towed, my dealer had the truck for over a month. They said although they reproduced the problem they can’t find figure out why. So they just gave it back.
I’ve googled sh!t outta this and am now at my wits end.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated because I now have to open the hood, pull the relay and jump my truck every time. Arrrrg!! Lol.
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It sounds like you are getting down to where it might be the computer, or a gauge cluster. I've seen the cluster mentioned in these type of threads. Unless it was already tried, maybe the dealer could test with a new computer or different cluster.
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