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The radiator shouldn't be bad. The service manual makes it look pretty simple. I would suggest looking for a copy of the FSM but here goes.

1. Disconnect the negative battery cables from both batts
2. Drain the cooling system
3. Remove all hoses and hose clamps from the radiator
4. Remove the coolant reserve/overflow tank from the fan shroud. (If the tank slips onto t-slots then it does not need to be removed just disconnect the hose.)
5. Disconnect the electrical connector for the windsheild washer reservoir tank and remove tank.
6. Remove the two metal clips retaining the upper part of the fan shroud to the top of the radiator
7. Remove the four fan shroud mounting bolts
8. Remove the radiator upper mounting bolts
9. Lift the radiator out, the radiator is equipped with two alignment dowels that fit into holes in the lower radiator support panel. Rubber biscuits are installed on these dowels. Take care not to damage cooling fins or tubes on the radiator and air conditioning condenser when removing.

* BTW I did not write this it, it was quoted from the service manual for the most part *
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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