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Quitting suddenly - intermittent hard starting

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We've have a stock '04 2500 with approximately 52,000 miles. Always started instantly, hot or cold and run great.

A few weeks ago suddenly engine would crank but would not start. Finally started, took it to dealer and was told it was the lift pump -- they replaced with in-tank version.

Picked up truck and now have intermittent hard starting problems -- seems to happen after driven a while, parked and try to restart. Also, had it just up and quit suddenly twice -- once while at normal operating temp -- had been running for at least 45 minutes and once when cold. When cold, it started right up, put it in gear and started to go -- died within 10 feet and then wouldn't start. It did start again after a few minutes but called the tow truck to take it to the dealer.

No codes from computer. Unfortunately the dealer seems lost without some code. Fuel filter has approximately 5k on it -- I suggested to dealer that they check that.

I've searched forums and have seen cases of dying and cases of hard starting, but not together. Does this combination of problems indicate anything to the experienced diesel guys out there?