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My P2563 code is gone after cleaning the turbo, it cleared itself after 2 cans of turbo cleaner spray and a heavy romp up the freeway. I decided to unplug my EGR to stop the soot from being shoved back into my engine. Unplugging my EGR dropped my intake temp by 50+ degrees. Here’s the question, after unplugging the EGR I cleared the code. Should I have left the code in? Will clearing the code make something else think everything is ok and mess something up? What is the purpose of the throttle valve? Can I loose that too? Can I unplug the EGR thing on top of the cooler also?
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Just unplug the EGR motor. You WILL get a CEL from this but will not hurt anything and your MPG will go up slightly. Don't unplug anything else though as you need a programmer to keep your ECM from going into limp mode. The problem with the CEL being on all the time from the EGR unplug is that you don't know what other codes it might be throwing unless you scan every day and only get the one for the EGR.
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