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Questions about programmers....

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I have a 99' 24v that is bone stock, except for a rebuild on the tranny. From reading all the posts from other new members I went ahead and order some gauges and a Raptor 150. My next step is too breakdown and buy a programmer, but I have no clue what I would be happy with. would like to see some healthy hp/tq gains (yes I understand that the Tranny will not take kindly to the added power). I have seen a lot of good things about the Diablo Sport PowerPuck and The Edge EZ, but what would be my other options? mostly Interested in better gas mileage, but also it would be nice to have some power to play with from stop light to stoplight. Thanks,

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more info would be needed for this...

first put what kinda tranny you have in your sig. that would be helpful.
as for other options heres a short list but it really all depends on where you want to go and how much power you are looking for...the higher performance tuners listed below can be turned down to be mild and get better fuel economy like the mild tuners I listed but they also have the capability to lay down some power when needed.

mild tuners: smarty, edge ez, power puck, etc..

higher power to extreme tuners(in no particular order): quad adrenaline w/pulse, edge juice w/attitude, edge drag comp, tst comp, redline, etc.

mild tuners wont need a beefed up trans, but the higher powered tuners will need some mods.

you already said you ordered gauges and a better fuel system so i'm not going to rant about those as you have them covered already. but heres a very short list of what you may also need:

if you have an automatic, you will need to upgrade the torque converter and the valve body to make it survive the higher powered tuners, and if you have a manual, you will need to upgrade the clutch in the near future because its going to start slipping with the more extreme tuners.

here is an example of what one of the more extreme tuners is capable of on an extreme tune...this is my dyno run with my adrenaline w/pulse box with the comp2 tune loaded and custom tweaked, straight pipe exhaust, cool air intake, boost elbow on the stock turbo, stock clutch that was slipping like crazy, and a holley blue pump to keep up with fuel demand...

sheet shows box off vs box set to max on that tune...
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