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questions about a 93 cummins im looking at

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Hey guys i found a nice 93 dually with 180,000 milies. The guy has two invoices stating some previouse work done to it. The one itself totaled $4,377.45. This invoice listed the truck had 158,000 milies on it at the time. The major thing that drew my concert was it needing a head gasket and injection pump. That just seemed odd to me with that few of miles they would go. Any reason? should i stay away from this truck? other repairs done to truck are lift pump, injectors, mechanical pump and fuel lines. Any advice would be great. thanks kyle
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It just sounds like the truck might have sat for a while, and then the stuff went bad from sitting.

To me i would buy it if the price is right, the lift pumps are not cheap and you already have a new one from the start
I will give you the best of luck, it took me a while to find mine, and mine needs alot of TLC
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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