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questions about a 93 cummins im looking at

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Hey guys i found a nice 93 dually with 180,000 milies. The guy has two invoices stating some previouse work done to it. The one itself totaled $4,377.45. This invoice listed the truck had 158,000 milies on it at the time. The major thing that drew my concert was it needing a head gasket and injection pump. That just seemed odd to me with that few of miles they would go. Any reason? should i stay away from this truck? other repairs done to truck are lift pump, injectors, mechanical pump and fuel lines. Any advice would be great. thanks kyle
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yea i know about about the dowel pin, but ther was nothing on the invoice stating timming gears, water pump or and front gasket sets. So i think like what was stated above. truck has low milies on it.
Some repair shops tend to do more than necessary. If it runs well and doesn't over heat or burn oil, go for it. Pull the oil fill cap and check for blow by.
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