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Question regarding removing my DPF and driving it across town

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I'm taking my truck to my buddies muffler shop Friday morning to install my new 5" exhaust but was gonna drive it back to my shop to remove the EGR and update the ECU w/ my Smarty?

Will this do any damage other than throwing a check engine light or code that I will need to clear before I install the ME software?
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you can leave the EGR on until you get home but In order to delete you MUST REMOVE DPF AFTER TUNING.

EGR INTACT / DPF removed / Tuned afterwords = No Go
EGR Gone / DPF removed / Tuned afterwords = No Go
EGR Intact / DPF removed / Tuned before removal = GO!
EGR Gone / DPF removed / Tuned Before removal = Best Situation
EGR Gone / DPF Intact / Tuned before or after removal = NO GO
EGR Intact / DPF Intact / No Tuning = Truck won't drive past 25mph / Every light lit up on the dash

Keep in mind when I say Tuned Before removal I mean Park your truck, Install the tune, then remove DPF And/or EGR at that time... don't drive around with your truck's ECM in a deleted state but all of the hard parts still installed as this causes excessive heat and back pressure since the truck DOES NOT know to regenerate, filling the DPF with soot and clogging up.
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