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Question on mileage? '10-12 vs '13+

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So I'm curious if the '13+ trucks with DEF are getting better mileage than the '10-12 year trucks?? Both stock and deleted would be nice. And it seems the best mileage trucks have the 3.42's correct?
Any help would be really nice :thumbsup:
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2013 RAM 3500 Dually Aisin 3.73 - around 13.4mpg mixed
2013 CCSB 4x4 3.42, unloaded mixed driving 18.6, pulling 5k trailer mixed driving 16.2, both hand calculated.
My 2012 2wd 3500 averaged 14 all around driving and 16 open highway. traded @61k miles for a 13 4x4 3500 and its average so far all around driving is 16, no open highway trips yet
Rural stop and go, getting 18.1 on my third tank. Nothing over 55 mph for the most part except for one 3 mile stretch where I accelerate to 65 twice a day (I get on the highway, then jump right back off).

FWIW, my 6.4 Ford F250 got 12.4-12.8 running the same way for 4+ years.

As far as how I drive, my daughter said "Dad you accelerate hard with this one, you used to drive like an old man" LOL I wouldn't say that but I have found that I jump on it harder than I used to with the Ford

I am very happy with the mileage on this truck
'14 3500 SRW CC w/Aisin.. Based on EVIC.. HWY (75mph) I get 19.3mpg. Rural roads, nothing over 50mph, I get 18.4mpg. Towing 6000lb boat, I'm getting 11mpg, on the hwy, towing 65-70mph.

BTW, HWY is I-95 from Delaware to DC...
13 2500 cc with 3.42 mainly highway with dc traffic. been getting 19-20mpg.
Thanks for the replies. What Im really looking for is, the difference between the '10-12 vs '13+ trucks. It seems to me that the '13+ are doing well but I haven't seen much from the '10-12 year trucks.
Maybe I should have posted this in the '10-12 forum :confused013:
I have searched this topic so I will save you some time, anyone who is honest will tell you the 10-12 mileage sucks flat out. Some will talk about deleted mileage, but deletes aren't free.
If mileage is any concern a 13/14 truck is going to beat a Non deleted 10-12 by a good bit, and that's not even talking oil change interval.
2012 3500 stock with 3.73 gears and I'm getting about 15 mpg average with about 75% highway driving. The city driving really brings down my average because it's very hilly where I live. So it could be better in a flat area.

In a couple months I should have some deleted fuel mileage numbers. I'm in the works of pulling together all the parts for that.
I had a 2012 3500 CC 2wd with 3.73's and I got 14-15mpgs in the city and 19.2 mpgs on the highway. My current 2013 2500 CC 4wd with 3.42's is getting 16-17.5 mpgs in the city and 20-22 mpgs highway depending on if I'm going 70mph or 80 mph. Very big difference in town is what I'm noticing, BUT the fuel tanks are smaller on the 2013 DEF trucks.
Really? The fuel tank is smaller?? How many gallon is the 13+
I had a 2010 3500 CC/LB/4X4 dually in Laramie trim...then I traded for a 2012 3500 CC/LB/4X4 Dually in Longhorn trim...then truck in my sig....all with 4:10 rear end, and 13' is heavier than the 10 or the 12 and this one has Aisin tranny.

Haven't towed with this one yet, but so far, this truck get's better mpg than the 10 or the 12, and we're comparing apples to apples, AND this truck IS heavier with new frame, beefed up suspension and heavier tranny....Still get's at least 2-4 mpg better as daily driver and on trips....heck, if I get the same mpg towing, I'll be pickled, I mean, tickled pink:thumbsup:
Had a 2010 auto dually mega with 4.10's. Stock 11.5 to 12.5 mixed. Deleted 13 to 13.5 same driving. Towing my Cyclone avg 8 to 9 mpg both deleted and stock.

2013 G56 dually crew with 3.73's. With only 900 miles on it I'm averaging 15.8 first tank to 16.5 this tank.

In my opinion there is no comparison. The 13 is a ton better. With full deletes the 10 was a pig. I never ever saw the magical mileage gain.
Had an '11.5 ( the HO was a mid-year release) CCSB 3500 Laramie.
With the 4" tbe, airaid intake, H&S minimaxx with custom tunes from Dave @ Draconian, 3.73 axle (SRW) I would see 11.8-12.5 L/100 on the highway.

Just traded for a '13 2500 with 3.42 (SRW) Laramie Limited, and with less than 2,000 km on the clock, I saw 11.3 over a 500 km mix of highway/city driving.
Hand calculated it at 23.6mpg upon fill up. Truck is completely stock.

Bear in mind our Cdn gallon is roughly 10% bigger than a US gal, so 21-ish US.. Should only get better as she loosens up!
2014, 3500 srw, Aisin. 250 mile freeway trip with hills, 55 to 60 mph and the computer stated 21.7. Only have 480 miles on truck.
I have a 2010, 2500, 3.42 CC LB and I get around 14 mpg in mixed driving. About 9.5 mpg while towing 12,5k 5th wheel.

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There is a sticky at the top of the 2013+ General discussion titled "2013 Mileage Thread"...
That thread has nothing to do with the OPs question ;)

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