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Question for injector and biodiesel guys....

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My 06 rig is stock save for the DIY intake mod retaining stock 4" air cleaner.
Have used the Baldwin fuel filters every 5-6k miles since 30k. 87k miles on the rig.

Started to get an intermittent rough idle. Truck seems to run fine at speed. Mileage dropped with winter blend but nothing unusual. No ticking or knocks from high or low in the motor. No fuel smell in the exhaust. Other than the intermittant rough idle everything seems OK.

I started remembering all the threads about injectors going out causing this rough idle problem.

Here's the question...can biodiesel 'clean' the injectors? Its supposed clean the gunk out of the fuel system generally but specifically...can it cause the injectors to function better?

I decided to run a 25% blend of commercial biodiesel from cooking and dino. Truck seems to run smoother. Rough idle is gone. Made a number of short trips over the past few days then took it out and punched it pretty hard a couple of times. Blew some black smoke when first punched then a clean exhaust. Progressively less black smoke the more I punched it.

I'm not a mechanical whiz. I load the camper and the boat and drive the truck. I do maintenance sooner than the recommended intervals. Don't know much about injectors. Can the intermittant use of bio diesel cause the injectors to function better.....or is all this in my head?

Sorry for the long post....
Will check back in in a few hours..
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