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Question after 48re rebuild

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I just got finished with the rebuild (revmax rebuild kit, tq, and vb) and have a few questions that I am unsure of.

#1- is it necessary to flush the trans oil cooler or it is it good enough to just take the 2 lines off at the trans when it is removed and let it drain? I have not found anywhere that mentions to do anything further.

#2 is it necessary to remove a check ball after upgrading trans like I have done?
This is all I am waiting for to finish up so all replies are really appreciated!
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That's what I did when I did a trans flush back in the day. I'm not sure if it did the cooler or not but it pushed out a lot of dark fluid. How hard was it to do your trans rebuild. I'll be doing it in a couple of months and was curious if it's as easy as it looks in threads. I would be getting a TC and VB from goerend because I've heard too many horror stories about shift kits. I'm actually looking fwd to it, people with build trans say its the best upgrade they ever did.
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