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It's a fairly long story, but I'm in the process of replacing nearly everything in the rear that's involved with stopping our 2012 2500 4x4 Mega. I will also be replacing the pads only in the front, but we added [front] PowerStop (PS) calipers, rotors and pads back in 2020...

The question is whether or not folks who've added the PS brakes to their trucks had any trouble with the spring "clips" attached to the disc brake pads?

In my experience, when properly installed, disc brake pads are supposed to "float" in the carrier. In other words, those clips that are attached to the PS pads are supposed to pull the pads away from a given rotor once the driver lifts his foot off of the brake pedal. I installed the full set of rear pads last night and those spring clips are not doing their job.

EDIT: If anyone happens to know the torque spec for the PS caliper guide pin bolts [read: the two pins that the disc brake calipers slide in and out on], I'd be much obliged for that information.
EDIT No. 2: The torque specification for the nuts that hold the caliper guide pins (2 per caliper) in place is 32 ft/lbs. In addition, the torque specification for the front caliper bracket bolts (2500 Heavy Duty) is 275 ft/lbs. The rear caliper bracket bolts are different in that each bracket bolt has its own torque spec: Upper Bolt = 163 ft/lbs; Lower Bolt = 190 fl/lbs.
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