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question about lift. anyone?

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I currently have a two inch Kore leveling kit and an looking at buying a 5.5" rough country. question I have is I am sled pulling with it and towing a two car goose neck. Would I be able to keep the upgraded Kore leaf packs and not use the blocks or would it be to much lift in the front. Second would I be able to use a gooseneck trailor? Thanks for the info in advance
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If i understand correctly you want to lift the front with the 5.5 kit and retain the kore leafs on the truck right now. I would think it would sit quite a bit lower in the rear ,but i dont know what kore packs you are reffering to:confused013:. I thought for the 2 inch kore kits you just got rear billet blocks?
Call kore and see what leafs are on there. Most of there stuff is for better off road feel so i would think there spring rate would be a little lighter. If so i would just get a set of airbags and problem solved. As far as towing with blocks i wouldn't be worried plenty of people do it. What type of weight are you talking about with the gooseneck fully loaded.
Oh and as far as height of the gooseneck i would think you would be ok. I have the ranch 5" with 37s and there plenty of adjust ability with the gooseneck i have a work.
Well looks like all rough country kits come with are blocks for the rear, no option for springs. After the last dune trip i think traction bars regardless of blocks would be a good thing:thumbsup:.

Axle wrap sucks:doh:
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I would think traction bars would greatly improve the situation:party018:. Unfortunately Ive never sled pulled, but pulling dmax's with 38' 5th wheels in sand has to be similar when you start to wrap up the springs. I say do the lift, get some bars or make em, and get bags. Let me know how it goes.:thumbsup:
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