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question about lift. anyone?

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I currently have a two inch Kore leveling kit and an looking at buying a 5.5" rough country. question I have is I am sled pulling with it and towing a two car goose neck. Would I be able to keep the upgraded Kore leaf packs and not use the blocks or would it be to much lift in the front. Second would I be able to use a gooseneck trailor? Thanks for the info in advance
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bump...i really am not sure so if anyone could give some opinions it would be greatly appreciated!
i honestly dont remember and i was trying to look it up today but couldnt find to much. It said leafs but im going to call kore hopefully monday and try to figure it out. I feel though if i put the 5.5" lift with the blocks it has it wont support my rear correct? and would i even be able to hook a gooseneck up:confused013:
well two car trailor and it depends on the cars really. i mean you dont know until you shop up and have to tow stuff. Im just curious if i would be able to connect the goose neck hitch in the bed or if the truck would be to high? and with sled pulling i know id need traction bars most likely but i guess what it comes down to is does anyone know if the 5.5" rough country lift is ok for sled pulling with its rear set up?
Well looks like all rough country kits come with are blocks for the rear, no option for springs. After the last dune trip i think traction bars regardless of blocks would be a good thing:thumbsup:.

Axle wrap sucks:doh:
oh man:doh: but thats what im worried about then would it hold up on the sled or be to much without traction bars and even with traction bars would it be enough?:confused013:
will do man! thanks alot!:thumbsup:
there are a few guys with pics on the site mattiac i know for sure with a 6'' lift and 37" tires and still pull a gooseneck, I have 8 inches of lift and 37" tires and still sled pull with out trac bars, just make you some good bump stops so you dont squat the rear end.
how much are we lookin at for bump stops?
i have that rough country lift, and have pulled a sled twice and didn't seem to have a problem. I have 35s and my gooseneck is totally fine. I hate the kit though, it rides really harsh and I'm pulling it out very soon to build my own kit. I know your not asking about the kit but I thought I would get my advice from expirience.
really appreciate the honesty! thats what ive heard but we used to have one in our excursion and it was rough but not to bad...Im younger then some of the older guys on here and you know how us young guys like things:rof
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