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question about lift. anyone?

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I currently have a two inch Kore leveling kit and an looking at buying a 5.5" rough country. question I have is I am sled pulling with it and towing a two car goose neck. Would I be able to keep the upgraded Kore leaf packs and not use the blocks or would it be to much lift in the front. Second would I be able to use a gooseneck trailor? Thanks for the info in advance
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there are a few guys with pics on the site mattiac i know for sure with a 6'' lift and 37" tires and still pull a gooseneck, I have 8 inches of lift and 37" tires and still sled pull with out trac bars, just make you some good bump stops so you dont squat the rear end.
how much are we lookin at for bump stops?
most people just fab up there own, and how they make them depends on the rules, some rules state you need 1" suspension travel, others you can have them fully blocked, i ordered some from lazersmith i think it was his screen name is something like 8xler on the forums, he does really good work. But what alot of people dont relieze is that, bump stops help out alot, especially with lifts to were it can sag real bad in the back, they help you pull better and take stress of the suspension parts so they are not compressing so bad.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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