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Question about lifetime unlimited mileage/age warranty?

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I just bit the bullet and traded my '08 2500 in for a 2012 - 3500 4x2 crew cab dually BRAND NEW. I got the longhorn limited package and so far love the truck and the options. When I was at the dealer they offered me a unlimited miles/years bumper to bumper warranty for $3,300 +/- a few bucks. It has a $100 deductible when the factory warranties expire and I can purchase it anytime in the first 12 months or 24k miles. Seems like a complete no brainer, but I wanted to bend a few ears and see if anybody has some feedback on having actually used this warranty for repairs on their vehicles. Any input would be greatly appreciated.......The only upgrades I plan on doing are replacing the factory sub with 3 -JL 10" thin mounts and installing a JL1200.1 HD amp. Thanks in advance for your help:party018:
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Welcome to the forum, & congrats on the new truck. You may want to double check the info the dealer gave you concerning warranty. When sig truck was purchased, the lifetime/unlimited mileage warranty was not available for diesel vehicles. Maybe things have changed. I purchased the 7 year 70,000 mile warranty from Chrysler Max care for $1500.00 at time of purchase. Mine also has a $100 each visit deductible. May you have many happy, trouble free miles ahead. I hope you will like your truck as much as I do mine. Best wishes.
Some of those "unlimited" warranties require that you bring your vehicle in for service at the scheduled intervals (per owners manual) or they will not honor the warranty. These dealer services can be very pricey. Check the fine print carefully!
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Not really a's a service contract...covers things like ball joints, u joints, hubs, shocks, possibly a few emissions items other than the DPF...if you keep the truck stock, it would be good for you...but read up on the advantages of deleting the emissions junk off...without that stuff on, most dealers won't honor SC's anymore
Chrysler doesn't offer anything like this, it's strictly a dealer thing.

So, pretty sure they will hold you to EVERY maintenance item has to be done by them. So say you change the oil by yourself, bye bye lifetime warranty. Or you're on a trip and something happens and you have to get it repaired, bye bye extended warranty. Not saying that's what it says for sure, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Personally I'd skip it, but I do my own maintenance and repairs so it wouldn't work for me. Read the fine print VERY closely.
When I had my Ford the Dealer gave me free oil changes for life. Until they went out of business. It was from the Dealer not Ford.
To the OP it is a no brainer.

They wouldn't sell you something if they don't plan to make money off it. :doh:

As others said read the fine print. Can you Imagine how much it is going to cost you over the years doing all the services by the dealer. I mean everything in the service guideline to the T and if you miss one thing, BAM warranty void.
Thanks for all the input. I'm going to have my attorney buddy go through it with a fine tooth comb and see what he can find. I planned on doing all the recommended services through the dealer at least for the 1st 100k miles anyway to keep my powertrain warranty valid so on that note it is what it is. As far as after the 100k, the things that worry me are the 4k turbo replacement that Dodge did under the power train warranty on my 08 at 90k miles, and a few other substantial repairs.

As far as the limited package, I LOVE IT. I was never really a get all the bells and whistles kind of guy, but it was the only 2012 I could find that was brand new within a reasonable distance and the dealer was playing ball when I shot them a low ball offer.

I'll post what I find out about the warranty in a few days, I do remember they told me it was through Dodge/Chrysler and service could be done anywhere, but I didn't pick up the literature to check the details. I have to go back this week and pick up extra keys so I'll grab it when I get there.

Also, I run a group of pawnshops and one thing I have learned through the years is I buy and sell select items with no "direct profit" in mind to gain indirect profit when the customer walks back in through my door. In this case I am sure Dodge doesn't think this truck will be the last vehicle my family will ever own, and I am pretty sure their odds go WAY UP that I buy my wife's car or truck from Dodge if I am back there for services and warranty work in the future. That's why they give you x amount of "free" oil changes when you purchase your vehicle, so they can try to get you to buy another vehicle/accessories. This is where the "trade in program" gets pitched. I am sure that in 2020 if I had the unlimited warranty it wouldn't take a whole lot of salesmanship to get me to trade it in and get the new model while I am there having the transmission replaced for $100......... Just a thought-

Thanks again for all the info.
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I took something similar on my van, and all ir required from me was to have a service inspection twice at a specified interval within x miles/months of purchase date. It was free at the dealer for both, and have had no problems getting it honored so far after 100k+/5 yrs+, so it has worked for me. I think they just figure most will trade off by the time it starts to cost them, but I tend to keep my vehicles except for my trucks which I put so many miles on with work.
I have bought a LOT of vehicles in my time. However, I have never purchased any sort of plan from the dealer or maker. Until my wife's allroad. I got a 40k service plan thrown in for free. That covers all scheduled service for the first 40k of life. I do not believe in the extended warranties, and here is why. I NEVER leave my vehicles stock. Wife does. I did not want to put an extra few grand into the Ram like that. In stead, I did what I know keeps it running a long time. Deletes. Extra fuel and oil filters. Free spin kit. Wash and wax :). But, to each his own.
Aftermarket warranties are almost as worthless as factory warranties
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