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Quest for more power

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Well after my dyno run 397.43 hp 777.04 tq I'm thinking more power.
Maybe turbo upgrade, 90hp injectors, or Smarty (to replace Banks)
I'm guess I'm looking to make 450-500 hp
Any suggestions?
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Yep if you didnt want to spend all the money on injectors and what not smarty or bd or ppe hot would get you exactly what you are looking for... IF you wanteed to keep the banks a set of 40s or 90s would get you to the 450-500 range you are looking for with supporting mods, ie lift pump mainly and eventually turbo upgrade which you will need if you got the smarty or bd or ppe and wanted to run any of the higher settings as they all get rather warm...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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