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Quadzilla X2 Questions

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I haven't pushed my X2 past level one (25 horse). What setting is giving the best milage? Downloading the milage tune? I have heard that many programmers/chips give the best milage maxed out on horsepower... what do you think?
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I have the standard box. My truck seems to like the 65hp setting for mileage.
I have the x2 race and I get my best mileage on #2 as well. last summer I took a trip to the OBX and averaged 22.3 mpg hand calculated.
Pickawaycountycummins's How do you like the x2 race? How is your EGT's? I am thinking about upgrading mine, as soon as I get out of this big Sand box called Iraq.
I love the x2 race. I have never had egt problems with mine. As with any other box if you would turn the box up and hook on to a heavy load im sure it will give you issues. I have crossed the scales with a load of hay at 24000lbs and this box was on the truck at that time. I keep it turned down to level 3 and off I went. keep an eye out the classifieds have em pretty often for a good price.
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Thanks for the help. This will be the route I take.
the x2 race box is an awesome box.
good clean power.
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