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quadzilla adrenaline pulse V2 is a brick

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so last night i pluged my pulse into my laptop for the first time to check the update that had it came on like the key was on in my truck win i did the update it made it to 100% on the erase software then it went off and never came back on can anyone help
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Yep that seems to happen when people try and update their pulse. What file did you try to update with?
it was the win it shut off so i tried to recover it with the 4k aswell
Is anyone from Quadzilla still doing any side work?
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Been warning about that. Jigabop, that is the 3rd dead Pulse from that update. Got to get rid of it.

yeah, that missing driver is causing havok.

all pulse updates have been pulled from the site.

somebody has the damn driver for it just can't remember who...
jigabop do you know if there is a fix or is it dead for good any help would be awsome
honestly I couldn't say.

jeremy the former tech from quadzilla would be the guy to talk to...
I have been searching for his info all day to se if he or anyone can help I am willing to pay to have it fixed its next to impossible to find a replacement I already have 2 adrenaline mods 1 pod and now one bad pulse
Another dead quadzilla.
I have 2 bricked PV2s & am still working on them. If I do find a cure, I will let yall know.
Jonny, THIS is NOT a fault of QUADZILLA !!! It is a bad file for the pulse update. His MODULE is just fine. MOST of the failures of quadillas stem from NOT FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS. Over 80% of them that I have fixed have been from low or dead batteries & JUMP STARTING THE VEHICLE THAT THE QUAD IS IN. It is also WRITTEN IN THE INSTRUCTIONS to DISCONNECT THE UNIT BEFORE JUMP STARTING.
I have abused the hell out of my quadzilla. I have I have unplugged & plugged it in litterally hundreds of times while testing others' modules in my truck. I have swapped control pods/PVs while running at least 200 times. I have done tunes that can bark by 2000 RPMs. I daily run 5-60% CAN & 50-100% Wiretap.

If people would follow the proper install instructions & also disconnect before jump starting, there would be 90% LESS failures.

I wonder if I made my point?
because he had to pick at it rather than leave it alone lol.

doesn't help that quadzilla went out of business to handle these issues.

my adrenaline w/pulse v1 has been and continues to work perfectly. I've had it since august of 2008...
Lmao! ↑↑↑↑↑↑ that's so fn true!
ya I know I was up tell 2am trying to fix it and looking on line for a fix I have been kicking my self all day should of just left it alone
If it was doing custom tuning & not screwing up, then yeah.... Sorry, bud. I do work on it when I get the chance & have the 2 bricked ones right in front of me in the workshop. If I do find a fix, it will be public.

And truthfully, I tweak the snot out of my Android all the time. There arent even any updates for it for over a year. No official support whatsoever. I guess I like the orphans.... One day I'm gonna blow the thing up & be screwed....

OP Do me a favor & try pushing different buttons while plugging it into the computer to see if the backlight comes on. 1 that I have does & 1 doesn't. Maybe it means something.

the only thing that was not working wright was the turbo timer and high idle I thought a update might fix that BUT eyher way I could of lived with that minor issue and wishing now I would of
Those are actually enablable with different tunes on the box. Well, at least the turbo timer is.

yep the pv2 has the temperature setting in it for both as well they where turning on and of @ the wrong temps
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