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Quad cab Door problems

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I can not get the drivers side rear door to open on my quadcab. I removed the latch handle thinging it was needing adjustment but that doesn't seem to be the problem. The Top latch realeases fine but the bottom one will not release. I am trying to pull it with pliers through the hole wher the handle was. I can hear the latch partially release but the boo will not budge. Any ideas would be greatly apreciated.

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Try greasing it up some. I bet the cable is in a bind on it some where.
I have a different problem. Both driver and pass ext cab door wont close all the way the latch on the bottom is junk. Anytime a hit a bump my doors rattle. Grinds on me but I just turn the radio up
RyanD - I had the same problem the driver side rear door would not open. The top latch would unhook but the bottom would move a tad but the door would not open. I went to the extreme and removed the door panel and PB blasted the crap out of the latch at the bottom.

I hooked up the out door handle so it would be unlatching the top and bottom latch "plus it makes it easier to pull on the door".

Then I took a rubber mallet and started banging away at the bottom of the door by the latch. Took several good swings and the door finally popped open. Bad thing is the latch costs $101 at the dealership, so im going to attempt to repair it myseft.
Mine were always getting stuck too.
What I did was lightly push in the door while opening the latch and presto! It opened!
I had a buddy in the truck and I held the latches at "popped"...He kicked the crap out of it and it came open.
Same problem here! Here's what I do. Right Hand pushing IN on the door and left pulls teh latch and open. That's the best i can do even after adjusting.
How do you go about taking off the door panel when you cant get the door open?
Every few days I would run some oil into the mechanism at the bottom of door, did it from the bottom at crack of door and mechanism, after about a week door opened, then I replaced the mechanism.
How do you go about taking off the door panel when you cant get the door open?
Fold the rear seat up and move your front seat as far forward. Then I pulled the top part of the door which is a clip not the one ways things. Then just worked my way down the door popping of the one way push tabs with a tab remover. Its possible because I have done it.
yea thats what i did also. took the panel off with the door still stuck closed. wow thats a pain in the . i think i might just buy a few cans of brake cleaner or wd40 and just go at it every time i drive and hope it opens.
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