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Well, here is a puzzling one..

I was locked in OD 60-80 mph, pulling hard and looking for max boost, DP and EGT numbers after making a WG adjustment, then around 60lbs boost (70-80lbs DP) I felt the truck loose power like a boot let go.. I immediately let out of it, there was no loud bang, hissing, or any sound indicating of a breakage... I coasted a bit then accelerated a little and noticed very little spooling response, more smoke than usual with slight acceleration and all gauges reading normal..

Boost, spool up and responsiveness are down, smoke and egt's are up.. Highway boost at 1800-2000 rpm is only 4-6 lbs (10 to 15 lbs normal) and egt's are 600* to 700* UP 100* to 200* (500* to 525* normal), all indications of a boost leak but I have gone over all of the boots and see no physical indications of a boost leak.. I will do a boost leak detection to confirm when I return home (In camp grounds now).. I know what the obvious things to check, but if it's not one of the obvious things i.e. boots, inter-cooler or manifold gaskets what else could it be?

I don't think its a head gasket, I have check and no obvious signs of excessive blow by, coolant in the oil or bubbles/oil in the radiator overflow bottle, all seams normal..

I can still build boost to 40lbs. (50-52lbs normally) but the turbo is not an instant response like before.. Once boost builds to 10lbs. the smoke clears but I can tell I have lost power.. It just seams odd that I can still build boost, but it is so slow to respond... With the tubing removed from both turbo's they turn and blow a lot of air like nothing is wrong.. De-tuned back to stock (was tnt-r sw3) and there is no smoke that I can see and I've been pulling my 10K 5er around with no problems.. It seams to be running OK with the stock tune, in fact, I thought i was running normal then I went back to the Smarty tune (fueling peaked at 26K) with the same results as before..

QUESTION: Should I be looking for anything internally on the engine that could have let go or is there a seal on the secondary that let go (no oil in the tubing)??? I'm thinking a manifold gasket maybe??
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