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Put a dent in my baby

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Got home from work late a couple of sundays ago and parked the truck up on the concrete which goes up hill to the garage. Left it in gear w/o the e brake on and about 1/2 hour later i hear a loud bang. Yep the truck popped out of gear went down the hill and bashed in to the parents camper, spun it about 80 degrees. $1700 dollars later i got a new bedside and the camper has a new rear corner, awning and door. :CRY::$::$:

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wow that sucks, those old 5 speeds had probs with that kind of stuff though
i guess so i can garentee i won't let that happen again though :))
any pics of the bed or camper....
Too bad it wasn't running... the horn would have been honking all the way down the hill.... Maybe the 97's don't have that "feature"
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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