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Pushrod lifting pedestal with all adjusters backed out at TDC

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Hey guys I am currently building a 12v. I'm not sure if I'm doing the head stud pedestal install correctly. I got all the rocker arms switched to the new milled pedestal and all the adjusters backed all the way out. Everyone one has a little bit of play except for cylinder 2. The pushrod is up and its keeping pressure on the rocker which is lifting the pedestal off the head a tiny bit. Is it okay to tighten it down like that?? Thanks for the help !
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Are you certain the pushrod is seated in the lifter?
No, it doesn't matter if the engine is at TDC. If the adjustment screw is totally backed off and the rocker is still tight something is installed incorrectly. That is a solid lifter. Do not tighten the pedstal bolt.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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