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Greg A is running one on his 18 dually, did a few vids on the install. Fit and finish seemed really, really nice. Install seemed straightforward.

Course I don’t know how relative that would be to a regular (ie not “sponsored”) vehicle. Dude basically brought home a $70k truck and immediately did over $30k worth of mods to it. Lift pump, big tank, cat filters, stroker pump, injectors, studs, deleted and tuned, stainless manifold, cheetah VGT, pusher compounds, mishimoto intercooler, hot and cold pipes, banks monster ram, grid delete, full turbo back exhaust… and that’s not even getting into the lift, wheels, built trans, and lighting. There comes a point where some of these builds get so extensively sponsored they’re not even relatable anymore.

Have you looked into the ATS arc-flow twins manifold? Looks to combine a mount and intermediate pipe. As much as I’m not a fan of their slushboxes, we’ve gotta give credit where due and their turbos / turbo accessories are pretty legit. Seems like this and the pusher kit are probably the most complete - and least intrusive - compound kits. By that, I mean they seem to require moving not a bunch of other stuff under the hood to make them work.

How extensive are you looking to get with the whole thing? Injectors? Pump? Trans?

I’m no expert on these voodoo snails… however it appears several threads here and elsewhere suggest a smaller atmosphere turbo in the high 60s or low 70s could be tuned to run on stock injectors and pump, without too much effort being put into the transmission. Leaning on it hard with fueling mods, even aggressive tuning, will have the stock lift pump at max duty cycle before you get to the max capability of the injectors or stock cp3. But if you’re just looking for some extra air for cleaning up towing, my (admittedly limited) understanding suggests a smaller compound kit could get you exactly what you’re looking for with good, careful tuning.

Hope this helps. Good luck!
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