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I previously posted the information below on another thread and received some very helpful suggestions, thank you very much. Steve had another "not start" episode when he took the crew to lunch and one of his employees suggested they use the backhoe to try pulling the truck. They got it rolling a few mph and the truck started right up. Steve wants to know if this makes any sense - did the starter roll over and put all four legs in the air? Does this change any of the previous advice?

He's switched to another temporary vehicle so he can keep the business running, but he wants to start working on repairs this weekend. It may end up being a send-out job. Does anyone know of a decent diesel mechanic in the Houston area?

Again, I just LUV being the middle-(wo)man here. Be gentle. Thanks.

* I previously posted about problems my husband (Steve) was having with his work truck. Starting a few weeks ago, he began having trouble starting it - it would take 30 seconds or more to start. Here's the approximate timeline:
* Pressure gauge on fuel filter canister
* pressure at 3-5 psi
* Changed air and fuel filter
* Pressure still at 3-5 psi
* Changed Fuel pump
* Pressure still at 3-5 psi
* Changed fuel pump relay
* Pressure still at 3-5 psi
* (Truck is now stalling any time he stops moving, more difficult to start; had to be towed home)
* Ran a wire directly from the battery, with a switch
* Pressure went to 20+ psi
* Truck starts more easily, for a few days
* Truck is now taking 30+ seconds to start; today he hooked up a generator and batter charger to get it working.

He made it to AutoZone yesterday and was able to get a diagnostic on it. This is what the results are:
No comm between ECM and IPM
ECM detected it could not communicate with injection pump module
Probable cause
1. Failed injection pump module
2. Open or shorted circuit condition

Traction control delivered torque circuit fault
The ECM has not received the delivered torque signal from the EBTCM
Probable cause
1. Poor electrical connection
2. Open or short circuit condition
3. 12 volts missing at EBTCM connector pin 6

Crankshaft position sensor condition
The crankshaft position sensor signal ismonitored for errors
Probable cause
1. Crank sensor defective
2. Check connector and wiring to sensor
3. Check trigger wheel for damage


Okay, my hubby is one of those incredible men who can build anything or fix anything with his own two hands, and can usually figure out how to do it on his own. This diesel problem is one that has him frustrated, probably because he's busy trying to keep our business running while he's trying to keep the work truck running as well. Let's just say it hasn't been easy lately.

Any suggestions or advice, information on what parts we need to get or replace, how to repair...any and all are gratefully accepted.

Thanks in advance to you all!
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