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Pulled two codes P0336 & P0602... What Now

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I checked my code on my odometer first and came up with P1693 Pdone so I just bought a OBDII scanner and pulled these two codes: P0336 & P0602. I looked up the codes and the P0336 indicates crankshaft sensor and the P0602 indicates ECM internal fault condition. My local dealership told me I needed a new ECM. Does this mean my ECM is toast something else?
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P0602 ECM Fueling Calibration Error
P0336 Crank Pos Sens Perf
Cold be the crank position sensor or a corrupted fueling calibration program in the ECM. So it is possible your ECM is toast. Does your tachometer needle fluctuate or stop working intermittently?
Yes, it does.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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