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PSA: Protecting Yourself from SCAMMERS! Please Read!

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As many of us on Cummins Forum know, the internet is filled with scams that are out to take your information and even your hard earned cash.

Recently, we have been seeing a huge influx of spammers and scammers here at Cummins Forum. Traditionally, it’s been easy to spot with post behavior, which results in a speedy ban. HOWEVER, some of these scammers are evolving. They know if they deploy their scam via Conversation (Private Message), their chances of being caught are much slimmer.

What will be done to protect our users?

We, the Cummins Forum staff will continue to scour the site for users that simply don’t look right. We will also use the scam/spam detection tools of our site the best we can to ensure these malicious users don’t have the opportunity to take your information, or even worse, your paycheck.

BUT, it doesn’t stop there. Because we cannot read your Private Messages without an invite (yes it’s actually private), you as a Cummins Forum member must Report private messages that have possible scam and/or spam content. Then we will be able to look into the user and the message and decide if action is necessary.

Now, you might be wondering what you should be looking for…

Typically, scammers and spammers use new user accounts. These accounts will often attempt to up their post count in order to gain access to private messaging and/or the classifieds. They do this by posting frequently with replies that often have little to add and/or make no sense. One way to vet a member sending you a message is by looking at their post history. If it looks questionable, it would be safer to refrain from interacting with that member.

One type of spam or scam may involve sending you a message claiming a "special offer" with a link to outside the forum. IF it looks questionable, DON'T click those links. They could contain redirects to malicious sites. To be certain a link is legit, if you are on a computer, you can hover your cursor over the link, and see the URL it is actually taking you to. If you are on mobile, you can typically long press the link, and it will also show the entire URL.

Another type of scam we’ve been seeing involves Want To Buy threads in the classifieds. Some of these scammers are carefully scanning your WTB threads. They then claim that they or their "friend" has the item your looking for. They may try to get you off the forum demanding use of email. Then they may demand payment via outside links, Zelle, PayPal, etc.

IF you see this type of malicious behavior, or you see something that simply doesn’t smell right, please report it as soon as possible, and we’ll get back with you.