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i need to sell my truck, getting too busy , months pass and i dont even see my truck no more , so im planning on selling it , but need to know how much to ask , i know how much time and money i have on it but ....

04 f250 crew sb 4x4 05 frame & axles ,6" pro comp lift with radius arms and track bars, rear airbags ,gooseneckhitch, leather king ranch interior , 97 cummins 12v 215 ,nv4500 trans ,autometer gauges, afe intake, sac injectors ,fuel plate, 3rd gen turbo , reconstructed title, truck was originally a long bed and was rear ended so i dropped a 05 short frame :).

needs very little to finish , hook up tach ,hook up 4wd linkage ,put degas bottle , fine tune engine ,smokes hard , runs and drives nice.

how much is worth?
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