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Programmer/Transmission opinions

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So Im hungry for a little more power and with that comes the dreaded, and expensive, tranny build. I am thinking of purchasing an MP-8 for around 100 or so more on-the-fly HP and maybe even some help with mpg's. I already have a superchip turned up, think its worth just 90hp, but anywho. I called up Goerend since everyone seems to be a fan of their work to get some prices and opinions on what I need. TC, valve body, billet input shaft, and flexplate is what he recommended. I do plan on ocassion doing boosted and 4 wheel drive launches(at the track and maybe a little street racing). So my questions are firstly, anyone run an mp-8 superchip stack or think it would be a good idea? And if I plan on making another 100 or so horses will ALL of these tranny parts be necessary just for street racing and occassionally going to the track or could I squeeze by with just a converter and valvebody???
I appreciate any help/opinions:beer
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i personally think if you are gonna be doing boosted launches an input shaft is a good idea. i just ordered a bunch of tranny upgrade stuff myself and was told that if you are gonna do the TC and VB you might as well do the flexplate at the same time. always do everything you can afford while you have the tranny dropped already. it makes things easier and cheaper in the long run.
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