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whats up guys i just wanted to get a few opinions on which is the best obd2 plug in programer for the 6.7 right now.
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Edge Juice with attitude superior chip with superior customer service
The Edge is what i run and its great.
if possible how hard is it to remove the edge for dealer trips
It should come out in about 30 mins. The biggest issue is the EGT probe that is drilled into manifold. You will have to plug that or have a regular gauge to put in in that case.
If you want something that only plugs into the OBDII port you could go with the Superchips Flashpaq, it's pretty popular.
How are people liking the flashpak? Any good for towing?
I've yet to get any negative feedback.
Superchips wipes out the key counter, so they know you have had something on it.:CRY: The Smarty and Jr. are the only obdII programers that I know don't leave an electronic (I've been here).
True but the Smarty isn't out for the 6.7 yet.
Yes I know it's not out for the 6.7, but superchips customer service sucks. I would wait or put something else on that dosen't use the OBDII, but that's just my .02 cent worth.
Does the edge leave anything behind so they can trace it on the computer?
Yes, the Smarty is the only tuner that does not leave any trace.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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