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Processor Setup Location

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Well biodiesel spiked my interested quite awhile ago, and with recent spikes in diesle prices..and my DEEP want for a diesel truck i have began to do some heavy research into this and got some books.

Some thing i would like to ask to those of you, with processors, where do you keep them?

Is this some thing i can safely build in a bay of a 3 car garage attached to my house? or should i build a dovoted shed for it in my back yard.

I ask this, because this is a defning factor as to whether i will be pulling this off. In less then three weeks i will be moving in with my old man while i attend school, and i would really like to try this out, speicaly since he drives a diesel as well and doesn't like prices... the only option would be the garage.

Any advice would be greatly appreactied

Thanks folks