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Problem with BD Stealth Cover

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Hey Guys-
I put a BD Stealth Cover on my VP44 when I installed my Quad Adrenaline. I followed the directions to a "T" because I didn't want to go too deep with the screw. It worked for about a week and then the connection became intermittent. When the motor is cold it's OK and when she heats up it loses the tap. I went an additional ~1/8 turn on the screw but the same problem exists. I'm cautious to go any farther... Anyone experienced this or know how to fix it? BD tech support wasn't too helpful... Thanks!

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never had one, just tapped the wire as it comes out of the cover
Thanks, I may just have to do that... It's frustrating that it's not working correctly- I wanted to keep the pump intact in case it ever had to go back to the Dodge house for work. Anyone else see this problem ever?
well if you were to tap the wire coming out, have paticence...with big hands it's a pain in the rear to do, since if you mess up the little wires, well i don't even want to think about it...
Tighten the screw up some more, it will be fine.
Check the screw and see if there is voltage while the engine is hot. If not I would pull the screw out and clean the tips with some fine sandpaper and re-do the screw installation...
Thanks for the help guys. The install is only a few weeks old so I'd be surprised if it's fouled up already but I'll give cleaning it a shot.
We had a few that where not threaded pefectly but thought we caught most of them before they went out. I can replace it no problem if it is stripped out.

The fix is to clean the threads up a bit on the pointed end and/or screw it in from the back side so if that the threads on the tip are not right it will not strip the plastic out on the cover.

If anyone has this issue please contact me and you will be tken care of.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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