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problem w/p0341

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i have done searchs and have not found anybody that is having the same problem as me so maybe somebody can help me. this does not happen all the time but maybe once to twice a week and i drive about 1500 miles a week. what happens is while i am driving my truck it will stumble and it will sound like it is missing and then it will be fine and after about 100 miles or so the code will clear. this has happened to me while was at a stop light and it would idle up and start cutting out and idle down sound like it was going to die. and then it would be ok. last time it happen i was going down the interstate and passing a dodge dealer ship so i stoped in and they looked at it and said it was because of the fuel filter being dirty and my injectors needed to be cleaned. well i did not want to get raped by them so i went to a auto parts store got a new filter and changed it in there parking lot. my filter was still gold so i don't think that was the problem i hope someody can shed some light on this. and this helps anything my truck has 163000 miles on it .

i meant to say that the code is camshaft performance
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if i remember right - check the wires for a rub around the a/c compressor area - can't remember if it throws a p0341 or a p0344 - if you feel brave switch the sensors - crank and cam are the same p/n and see if the code changes - hope this helps
well it did it again yesterday when i was driving it cutout a couple of times and then it was fine and the code has already cleared its self. it does not sound very good when it starts cuting out. but i will check this after nooon after work and see if any wires are rubing
My 06 3500 is actually having very similiar problems and throwing the same code. When I first start it in the mornings, it starts fine then idles really rough, catches itself - idles fine then idles rough. I can give it some fuel and it will be fine. While driving, when I am at a stop light and then light turns green, I can give it fuel and nothing. Its like the acc. pedal isnt there. This has been doing this all week, changed the fuel filter - no change. Engine light finally came on yesterday. Before changine the sensor, I too was hoping that someone could throw some light on the topic
P0341 is a DTC for the cam position sensor
I would check the wiring like someone else mentioned for wires that are rubbed through. maybe unplug from the sensor, and reseat the connector.
With the wires unplugged, You can check the CPS with an OHM Meter Measure across pins 1 and 3 (The two outside pins) it should show between 900 and 1000 ohms.
OK. Messed with it a little today. Sensors plugged in ok. No cut or chaffed wires. Removed the Bully Dog and then the truck was giving me a fuel delivery error code. No P0341 now. Brought the Bully Dog in to download the Updates for it. Reinstalled it into my truck and now it runs 95% better. I can still feel a little bit of a bog when you first start to go from a stop sign and while its at idle there are times that it sounds like a old 12V Cummins motor. But no codes this time.

I am really trying NOT to have to take this to a dealer up here as my preferred dealer that helps me out is almost 400 miles away. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.
Any update on this?
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