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Problem w/ Blk Chrome American Racing wheels

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Just want to let people know to be careful if you decide to purchase American Racing's Rims with the black chrome finish.

I have had two sets now that are pealing where the bead hits the rim (toyo MTs). The tire guys think that the toyo bead is flexing over the rim and road debris is causing the powder coat let go. I'm running a 285 on a 9 inch rim and I don't wheel it.

They are going to replace them again with a chrome set. Bummer deal because the black looks tough!

They tell me that I am the only one that they have had any issues with.

Also, out of 8 rims that they had at the store including the 4 on my ride, there were two different colors/shades of black. Very weird. I saw a 'made in china' sticker on the shelf set so that might explain the problem with quality control!
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